Our bars offers a full range of beers and spirits as well as selection of fine wines. We serve 4 real ales plus a smooth flow bitter (East Coast), Fosters and Sam Miguel lager, Guinness and a selection of ciders.

We have a selection of Gins and Vodkas with Schweppes and Fever-Tree tonics.

We regularly introduce new lines for your enjoyment and will consider any special requests that you may have.

Pumphouse Community Brewery – a micro brewery adjacent to The Green Man

Established in 2015, it was the first co-operative community owned brewery in the country.

Pumphouse is owned by more than 80 individuals. They have a professional brewer, Aaron Osborne, who is responsible for production but the rest of the day-to-day running is undertaken by a group of volunteers. Pumphouse is run on a democratic basis , each member having one vote at members meetings, irrespective of the number of shares they hold.

See a selection of their real ales below

Pumphouse Jenny (4% ABV)

A very pale blonde ale hopped with a combination of UK and Slovenian hops for a clean, refreshing beer. Light and delicate, this beer is aptly named after the tiny wren who nested in the brewhouse wall as the brewery was being built.


Pale Oktober (3.8% ABV)

Originally brewed for the Oktoberfest 2016, this pale golden ale is brewed from a combination of English pale malts and Munich malt to give a light and crisp base that highlights the distinct citrus and tropical fruit notes coming from US Chinook and Cascade hop varieties.


Pumphouse Bitter/ Toppesfield Tap (3.6 ABV)

Easy-drinking session ale brewed from English Maris Otter malted barley. Amber in colour, it has a clean maltiness and moderate bitterness that is balanced with a distinctive hoppy aroma from a combination of UK-grown Pilgrim and Pioneer hops.


Pumphouse Gold (4.2 AVB)

Brewed from English Maris Otter pale malt blended with lightly kilned Munich malt from Germany. It has a deep golden colour with a biscuit-like maltiness offset by the rounded citrus/lychee aromas and lingering bitter finish that result from a generous helping of UK-grown Cascade hops.


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